Digital Motion X-ray

Digital Motion Xray Available in Tarpon Springs

Digital Motion X-ray allows you to  “see where it hurts”!

Using revolutionary technology of the Digital Motion X-ray (DMX), our doctors can easily take x-ray images of you while you move. The digital motion X-ray is the only diagnostic procedure that allows your physician to see your points in motion. Most injuries happen in motion and most patients hurt more while moving, so it only makes sense to diagnose you in motion.

Digital Motion X-Ray Helps Pinpoint Problem Areas Including:

  • neck pain
  • lower back pain
  • arms and legs problems

Digital Motion Xray Delivers Fast Results = Quicker Pain Solution

Most pain can be felt in a certain position or with a specific body motion.  The digital motion X-ray can be done within minutes, showing our chiropractor immediate results. This allows for a faster way to immediately pinpoint and help your pain with the right chiropractic care.  The digital motion Xray is an easier way to find the problem; allowing our doctors an easier solution to your pain.

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