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Chiropractic Care Recommended Products

Here at Tarpon Total Health Care we offer chiropractic care products for your total wellness. The chiropractic care and wellness products we recommend we not only stand behind, but have done very thorough research. We recommend wellness products that we sell at our chiropractic office that can improve your health.


LifeVantage Products are available for purchase within our office.

Protandim Supplement

We sell Potandim, which is a supplement clinically proven to fight the effects of aging. Potandim is the only supplement proven to decrease oxidative stress by an average of 40%. This supplement works by reducing oxidative stress and assist mitochondria productions.

TrueScience Anti-Aging Cream

TrueScience is an anti-aging cream uses proven ingredients to take years off. This anti-aging cream reverses the signs of aging and improves skin tones, minimizes fine lines, provides environmental protection, and increases the skin’s protective barrier.

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630 Pro Near Infrared Light Therapy Device

MedLight 630Pro is available for purchase at Tarpon Total Health Care.

We offer the Medlight 630Pro as a safe at home treatment for pain. The MedLight 630PRO is a safe and  effective alternative pain relief treatment you can buy at Tarpon Total Health Care. The MedLight 630PRO relieves pain using Near Infrared Light Therapy. This is a noninvasive treatment that reduces inflammation with a click of a button.


Foot Levelers

Buy Foot Levelers custom orthodics at our office.

Custom orthodics are specifically designed for you to improve balance, posture, physical performance. These are especially recommended in chiropractic care to help prevent and treat back pain and knee pain; while also helping chiropractor adjustments to last longer. Our chiropractors Dr. John Huy and Dr. Shawn Hanson can help determine the right othodics based on your activities.



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