That’s right, YOU! The truth is there is no one else like you on the entire planet and your DNA says so.

Your genetic code is unique to you and you alone. And that is why it’s so IMPORTANT that you become aware of what YOUR body really needs, not what you may have previously thought it needs.

Genetic Variation and Personalized Health… One size does not fit all!

In recent years, scientists have discovered that each of us have unique “genetically determined” body chemistries. Even small variations in your genes can have a profound influence on how well your body responds to food, physical activity, environmental pressures and how you may be predisposed to a wide variety of other important health and physiologic conditions.

Based on over a decade of proprietary and patented scientific processes, we are rapidly accelerating the health and wellness industry into the 21st century.

At GeneWize Life Sciences it’s all about you!

We create personalized solutions specifically designed to support YOUR body.

If you would like to learn more about GeneWize or the convergence of new technologies and personal healthcare – be sure to download a copy of “Your Genetic Compass”  which can be found here as a PDF file.  To set up a consultation with Dr. Huy, your Chiropractor in Tarpon Springs, FL. Please call 934-0844 and tell the staff that you are interested in improving your health through our genetic testing.