Wellness Care Chiropractic

Wellness Care Chiropractic- Maintenance is Key to Healthy Living

The third and final phase of chiropractic care offered at Tarpon Total Health Care is called Wellness Care.  The reason why many of our patients come in to see us is that no one had ever taught them the importance of good Spinal Hygiene and the value of chiropractor Care.

Wellness Approach to Health

It is unfortunate that it often takes a crisis to alert us that something is wrong with our body. The wellness care approach does not require a medical emergency to use. Using our wellness approach in chiropractic care is the most successful, least expensive, and safest form of preventative health care.  We will teach you how to start the wellness approach so you can live and create a healthier you. Tarpon Total Health Care also offers wellness seminars for the community and other resources.

Lifetime Chiropractic care for a lifetime of better health.

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