Neuropathy is damage caused to the peripheral nerves, the ones that go to your hands and especially your feet.  The most common cause is from Diabetes, but many other nutritional problems can cause Neuropathy.

The results of this damage can be devastating.  Constant burning pain into the feet and legs, stabbing needle-like pains when going for walks and falling caused by balance problems because the feet feel numb.  All of these symptoms are due to the nerves slowing dying.

I am so very pleased and indeed proud to say that I have started a brand new procedure within Tarpon Total Health Care, which can successfully treat most Neuropathy conditions.  If you have looked for treatment for this problem before, then you know that the current treatments involve drugs….and more drugs.  Any temporary benefit is plagued with side effects from the drugs.  My program is drug-free, surgery-free and so effective that I am willing to prove it to you.

I know that this program can work, but you may not be so sure.  That is quite alright.  I am willing to show you how well this system works by providing up to 3 treatments in my office even before you consider completing the entire program.  You will feel the positive proof yourself.

Every patient is different and results can be too.  But now you have the chance to see if this life-changing treatment can work for you.  Call us right now to set up your consultation and try this safe and painless treatment for yourself.

"Prior to my Neuropathy treatment program with Dr. Huy I could not sleep at night because of severe cramps and constant foot pain.  You could not touch my legs before without terrible pain.  Now I have no more pain in the back of my legs.  I can move and stretch out my legs without having cramps.  The swelling in my feet is gone and I have lost 10 pounds.  I can wear dress shoes again!  I only get up at night now to go to the bathroom and can do that without pain.  Best of all, I am no longer on pain medication.  Nice treatment!" S.C. Sept 2012

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